About us

About us

Church Accounting Services

Church Accounting Services is a service of Caleb Group, Inc. located in South Bend, IN and satellite offices in Hempstead, NY and Atlanta, GA.

Church Accounting Services is an accounting and financial services firm that is dedicated to working with small and medium-sized congregations nationwide. When we launched out ‘into the deep’ in 2001, we did so with a mindset to compete with the largest firms in the country. And anyone who knows the story of Joshua & Caleb can understand why our company is called The Caleb Group.

The company’s founder, Gil Michel, is especially fond of, and cognizant of the challenges that church congregations face, as he is also an ordained minister. Gil has served on a number of church financial committees, served as a missionary in Ghana, West Africa, served as associate pastor, and consults scores of churches in the area of financial stewardship.

Come along with us, as we conquer greater mountains!